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A Mass of Nothing

I am looking to form a writer’s collective of sorts. Any takers? Do you like writing about music? Message me.


I have heard it ten times. Again it’s brilliant. Listen!

Portland, Oregon’s Brothers Young have this song. It’s called Good Deeds and you should really go and listen to it on their myspace page. If you are a fan of those songs that throw you into a trance and make you want to know “oh so much more” about the band performing the music, I highly reccommned checking it out. It has had me staring out the window all morning in deep contemplation.

Great song!

Is it just me, or are most videos getting better and better? Check out this from A LullWeapons For War

Information regarding the very interesting Cedar Senior is limited and very hard to find. From the looks of things, the band is from a tiny fishing town (Port Alberni) on Vancouver Island and they make interesting taped/looped music. This small amount of information I have was directly stolen from both Pinglewood and I Guess I am Floating.

However, those crazy loops and electro-experimentation is fantastic and well worth a listen. Plus, the e.p. is available at the bandcamp page for free.

rubato by Cedar Senior

As many of you may know, one of my absolute favourite artists to arrive on the scene in the last couple of years is, without a doubt, Timber Timbre. His CBC Radio3 Session is a must listen.

Check it out:
Timber Timbre LIVE in Concert on the Sessions Podcast:


It seems ironic that an artist named after a music tone would elude musical descriptors. Haunting, dramatic, swampy and ragged are not really music words per say, but they do get close to Timber Timbre, the musical project of Taylor Kirk.

Last year Timbre Timber release a collection of songs called ‘Out of this Spark’, which created a buzz in critic circles, making the Polaris Music Prize long list, and garnering Taylor an Echo songwriting nomination.

Back in November of 2009, we recorded this Session live off the floor of the legendary Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec.

I have been meaning to write about Casey Shea ever since I was introduced to his music while away in Europe. He is a very friendly chap that continues to kick my ass at Words with Friends and he is also a great songwriter. He brings a flair for old-time songwriting while, seemingly, exorcising the ghost of George Harrison. I have been really enjoying his album Love is Here to Stay and it is high on my list for a recommended listen.

However, I am writing about Casey today because of a recent cover he did. Florida by Modest Mouse has always been a staple mix-tape track for me and I was thrilled when Casey put his take of the song up on the Family Records blog. I have been listening to his version incessantly and felt it was absolutely necessary to share it with you here.

Have a listen:

Florida – Casey Shea