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I am looking to form a writer’s collective of sorts. Any takers? Do you like writing about music? Message me.


I have heard it ten times. Again it’s brilliant. Listen!

Information regarding the very interesting Cedar Senior is limited and very hard to find. From the looks of things, the band is from a tiny fishing town (Port Alberni) on Vancouver Island and they make interesting taped/looped music. This small amount of information I have was directly stolen from both Pinglewood and I Guess I am Floating.

However, those crazy loops and electro-experimentation is fantastic and well worth a listen. Plus, the e.p. is available at the bandcamp page for free.

rubato by Cedar Senior

Due to sunny beaches, beer, and a severe lack of wireless access, we will not be writing many posts in the next couple of weeks. Time to go to the beach!

Nice work for a local Vancouver boy!