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I have been a fan of the blues for quite some time and I always loved when people just threw the word “blues” randomly into the title of any given song. I guess I am a sucker for the 12 bar blues in the traditional sense and feel that a song that does not signify this element should never be referred to as a conventional blues tune.
However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I found myself fascinated with the word “blues” this morning and I thought I would share some songs. Here are seven songs that contain the word “blues” in their titles. And, funny enough, I love everyone of them. … What’s in a title?

Rotten World Blues – Eels

– I have always loved this song and I think Mark Everett should go down in history as one of the finest song writers of my generation. You should also check out a documentary he did in search of his fathers mysterious, enigmatic, past. It is really well done. HERE

Binary Blues – Years

Just a simple song that is simply amazing. I love the Dntel touch to it with the sampled acoustic.

David Vincent’s Blues – Silicone Soul

This song always reminds me of driving a lonely highway at night. When I used to smoke, I remember it being a great song to drive, smoke, and think to.

No Queen Blues – Sonic Youth

Awesome! Plain and simple… Awesome.

Resuscitation Distillery Blues – Wooden Wand

I have always loved the talking/singing of this song. It is really a low-down depressing song that leaves an impression. Sounds like waking up to a bad hang-over with that awful sensation of your skin crawling while your mind fills with guilt. You know you have been there.

Blood Red Sentimental Blues – Cotton Jones

I love songs that sound like they have been recorded in a church. That is what this song evokes in me. I guy sitting in a church on a wooden chair facing the rest of his band as he pours out his soul in lyrics.

2012 Blues – Thomas Function

2012 does not really scare me. However, if it happens like this, I am worried! 


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