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A Mass of Nothing

If you have not had the opportunity to witness the joy that is Kutapira, I highly recommend you see them. I don’t know if you can find tour dates or show times (their site seems quite vague) but, I must say, I was floored by their performance on Granville Street yesterday.

I had the privilege of seeing Anais Mitchell with her amazing band last night at the Railway Club. Once again, I was in shock at the turnout and I really wish more people would come and see these incredibly talented musicians. Anais headlined with her band mates each taking solo efforts prior to her performance. As Hadestown is high on the list for Album of the Year for me, it was great to see her pull off the material live.

I have not been that impressed with a guitar player in a long time. Jefferson Hamer has got to be one the best guitar players I have seen in years.  Much like Kutapira, he floored me with his solo performance and his impeccable twang. His rendition of Gram ParsonsSin City was jaw dropping. On top of all that, he is a really nice guy.


I have been obsessed with every mix that Dale over at Jukeboxer has been putting together. They are exactly my taste in music and each and every one of them has there own unique and fantastic quality. I highly recommend checking them out.

The always amazing Indie Music Filter, alongside, have released another mix-tape and, as-per-usual, it has gone tremendously with my coffee and pancakes this morning.

You can stream/download it here

1.waiting on you – sun airway
2. wristwatch – hungry kids of hungary
3. love more – sharon van etten
4. boy – ra ra riot
5. algebra – airship
6. weapons for war – a lull
7. invisible republic – young galaxy
8. wait up (boots of danger) – tokyo police club
9. kids on the run – the tallest man on earth
10. white city – bishop morocco
11. restoration – the acorn
12. hey big bang – superhumanoids
13. lungs quicken – lanterns on the lake
14. windowsill 1 – heartbeat hotel

I don’t know a thing about the band Dancing Pigeons. However, I can tell you that they have released a excellent video for the track Ritalin. I have watched it three times simultaneously now and I can’t tell you how much I love the expressions on the faces on the duelling men.  Definitely a “must see!”

And the song is not all that bad either!

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin from Blink on Vimeo.

For some reason, I woke up in a blissed-out mood and wanted happy, blissed-out, music to accompany it. Out of the blue come Blackbird Blackbird. I have been hearing about this band off and on for the last while but never really gave them a listen. I love it! Every song is getting me this morning and what this band manages to squeeze into their little two minute ditties is amazing.

There is something so easy about floating away in these excessively happy songs. Lyrical content is replaced by effects-laden vocal tracks of seemingly nothing. The ever-present pounding drums and swooping blips and blops are just perfectly executed. The songs just work. It reminds me of a great escape or a drive in the country, the music just keeps your toes ‘a tapping.

I needed that today.

Blurring Lines by Blackbird Blackbird

This excites me. J. Tillman has a new album coming out entitled Singing Ax. I personally got really excited about the email I received this morning because I have been obsessed with his music and musings as of late. Recorded by the always stunning Steve Albini in Chicago, this album is certain to be amazing and certainly worth every ounce of my excitement.

Check out the track:

Three Sisters – J. Tillman

I know this is making it’s rounds but man does it look great. I am so excited to see this film!