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Every once in a while I read something and actually laugh hysterically out loud.  This is just one of those items. I thought it was written with the satiric wit of Horace and is just so graphically imaginative. Enjoy

Cool little Stats piece by the always clever Sid Lee

Prop. 8 the Musical = Awesome! Has Neil Patrick Harris just made the best comeback in history.  He is just so relevant and hilarious.

The recent flooding in Venice has turned the city into a majestic, water-logged, playground. I have been there a couple of times but I would absolutely love to see the city as it is portrayed in the photos. I love how everyone just goes along as if nothing has changed.

Well, Canada is in a political mess!

We went and saw a comedian last night and he brought up a very valid point.  If you live in Vancouver, do yourself a favour and check out Simon King as often as you can.  I know he is frequently at Darby’s on Tuesday nights.  However, back to the point at hand.

To the rest of the world, Canada now looks like a country that would allow sniveling losers to form a group and beat up the winner of the race. Now, I am not a supporter of the Harper government and I do disagree with the funding policies he tried to implement.  However, to gang up and dethrone by way of a coalition is simply wrong.


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