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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

I am not the biggest Jane Sibbery fan in the world but I have to admire her for what she has done with her entire catalog.

She has made it all available for free!

Apparently, and this is my assumption based on a short paragraph I read on her site, she got fed up with trying to find a way to sell her music and volunteered prices via paypal and just said: “Fuck it, here it all is!”

I am next to positive that this is going to be viewed as a brilliant marketing move in the coming months and I can’t help but think that her fanbase is going to grow substantially once again. I am already thinking of several tunes from my youth that I want to go back and listen to. I mention this as I have not thought of Siberry in years. She really brings back some fond, albeit obscure, memories from my music past.

I think that is really cool, Jane!


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