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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

For some reason, I woke up in a blissed-out mood and wanted happy, blissed-out, music to accompany it. Out of the blue come Blackbird Blackbird. I have been hearing about this band off and on for the last while but never really gave them a listen. I love it! Every song is getting me this morning and what this band manages to squeeze into their little two minute ditties is amazing.

There is something so easy about floating away in these excessively happy songs. Lyrical content is replaced by effects-laden vocal tracks of seemingly nothing. The ever-present pounding drums and swooping blips and blops are just perfectly executed. The songs just work. It reminds me of a great escape or a drive in the country, the music just keeps your toes ‘a tapping.

I needed that today.

Blurring Lines by Blackbird Blackbird


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