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I know I rarely write anything here and I was like to think that I will write more… but it is unlikely with my current predicament. However, I came across one of the coolest things I have ever found on the internet and thought it was well worth a posting here. It’s called Artscope and if you are into anything in the world of visual arts, I highly recommend checking it out. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has really got something special going on there. I would love to meet the web development team.


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I came across this on a blog somewhere, and I feel awful for not remembering where, and I thought it was so absurd. However, absurd in a great way!

Gross, originally uploaded by MichaelAP.

There are often times, walking around Kitsilano, where one finds alcoholic excess from the numerous college and university students that reside in the neighbourhood. Walking home from brunch this afternoon, I almost threw up at the sight of this poor bastards truck. He looked rather sheepish and green when I caught sight of him. Looks like a great game of flip-cup with a side of Domino’s Pizza.

I have been writing a lot more on our company blog as of late. Go here and check it out if you should feel the need.

This was the WordPress welcome mat this morning and I was quite intrigued by the argument. This is one of those endless circle arguments that can lead either side to absolute frustration and hatred for the other.  I tend to stay away from the useless death penelty and/or abortion arguments due to this common outcome. However, to hear these amazing examples of punishments for illegal abortion practices intrigued me.

I knew this would happen but I still have to present it here. As always, The Big Picture walk away with the best collection of photos from the swearing in of the new leader of the freeworld. Have a gander here.

Always nice to know what the fattiest foods in The United States are and here is a great list of the worst offenders.

You know, I live in a very rainy city and, at times, it really does get the best of me. However, seeing this video reminded me of an eight month stint I did in Southern Quebec. Oh, how I feel for these people and thank you for the rain.