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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

How the .357 String Band have slipped through the cracks for me is impossible to understand. They are stunning and their songs are amazing. This is what I picture Scott H. Biram sounding like if he were to have a “string” band backing him.

I have been listening to their latest effort Lightning From the North for the last couple of days and I cannot give it enough praise. If songs like Oh, Adilene don’t get you going, you may not have a pulse!

Yes, it is very traditional music but there is a sense of aggression that completes the songs and makes them refreshing and original. The band refers to their brand of Americana as “Streetgrass” which could very well lend itself to my understood aggression. The musicianship is second to none and their talent is definitely adequately expressed with each track.

 Go get this album!


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