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A Mass of Nothing

I don’t often hear music that runs the gamut of every genre possible. However, this was before I had heard the the musical ambitions of Brainbheats, aka Brian Healy. This amazing foray into everything from smooth jazz to heavy drum and bass has been my listening choice for the last couple of days. Although, I may be getting a slight case of A.D.D. in the process.

Healy’s musical accomplishments are immense and one does not have to search much further than his own compositions to understand that he is influenced by, well, everything! His timing is perfect and his exploration is a joy to listen to. I couldn’t recommend this e.p. more and, as a bonus, you have to check out his mashups here. These are hands down some of the best mashups I have ever heard.

The e.p. is available from Ropeadope Records here.

Brainbheats – Cloud Dust


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