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A Mass of Nothing

Well, spring is here and what better way to ring in the blooming of flowers than with music? Better yet, how about a mix of songs that could contribute to the smell of pollen. Here is a collection of songs that I have deemed “Spring” related. Hope you enjoy them. 
Track Listing: 
1. The First Days Of Spring By Noah And The Whale
2. First Day Of Spring By The Gandharvas
3. Spring Flower By The Great Outdoors
4. Classic Rock In Spring By Kurt Vile
5. Three More Springs By Ghostkeeper
6. Belly Of June By Horse Feathers
7. The Constant Springs By Cornershop
8. Spring Song By Colourmusic
*note: I chose Horse Feathers – Belly of June because of the metaphorical imagery it conjures up. I love picturing spring as the joyful belly of summer. 

*note duo – For some reason, the tape does not work if you are using Chrome. Quite peculiar if you ask me. 


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