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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

It is rather strange. Ever since I started writing about bands found on myspace, my “friend requests” have risen substantially. I am really not that popular! Therefore, it certainly feels bizarre to be weeding through countless bands hoping for that next gem. Also, what I am trying to say here is, this weeks entry is a little late due to “friend requests” that all deserved a listen. I was weeding through far too many bands to count. 

On that note, I did find the fantastic Dustbowl Revival that need as much press as they can get. These guys follow the Blues theme from my last post as they are a traditional folk orchestra messing around with blues, jug band and swing. They brand new album is available here and it is fantastic. 

One more thing, it is really unfortunate that a lot of the bands that have requested to be my cyber-friend are not all that great. I feel awful writing this, but there is a reason that I find a lot of the bands all by myself. 


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