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A Mass of Nothing

With first listen to The Autumn Film’s latest album, I can’t help but think of how it will soon be raped and pillaged by every nightly teen-drama on television. The writing just lends itself to that sobbing walkaway scene, a teenager coming “out,” or the death of a young character (Check out the track “Mended“). The Ship and the Sea just has that immediate, highly dramatized, value to it. It will be sickening how much you will hear this album in the next couple of months.

The great track Always the Same had me instantly intrigued because the band sounded to be heading in a Heartless Bastards direction but, every song on the album does not come close to the momentum gained in this tune. Great musicianship seems to be wasted and it feels as if there is a “aim for fame” mentality taken by the band. They shy away from the previous darker efforts and direct their sites on a market that is a little more forgiving.

This sounds like I hate the album and I should stress that that is not the case. The writing has its moments of excellence with powerful piano sequences that should, and will, give chills to most listeners. However, one of those listeners will not be me. Tifah Phillips has an incredible voice that should be recognized for years to come. The Ship and the Sea is pop craftsmanship at it’s finest and should be recognized by the masses in the months to come.



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