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A Mass of Nothing

As many of you probably know, I gave Magic Man’s Real Life Color a rave review a couple of weeks ago and it still stands as my top album of 2010 (released) to date.

Now, as we are a quarter of the way to the top 55 albums of 2010, I thought it would be fun to explain why I am standing behind my opinion. Here are five reasons as to why I think Real Life Color is the best release of 2010. Why five you may ask? Well, I am a huge fan of arbitrary numbers.

1. The album starts with the scratch and hiss of a needle on a record, quite possibly the best sound in the history of music.

2. It’s available for free.

3. The song Polygons might be the best display of songwriting ability (in this genre) since The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

4. The first time I played this album for my wife I did not inform her as to whom the band was. Within the first three songs she was demanding to know and could not believe how good it was. She has impeccable taste in music.

5. Quite simply, I have not heard anything better this year!

*I would love to hear all opinions for and disagreements.


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