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A Mass of Nothing

The incredible talent that is Possessed by Paul James (aka: Konrad Wert) is undeniable. He is definitely an established musician that seems to of mastered the craft of performing the banjo, fiddle, and guitar. He has a voice that consumes you and eerily brings you back to a time when music was recorded in a mud-floored barn. How this guy is not a household name is beyond me because he is so incredibly talented.

I have been stuck on his myspace page today and I can’t wait until I get my hands on his new album Feed the Family which is due in April or May. If you have never heard of Possessed by Paul James, go right now and have a listen. Look around for links where you can purchase all his other stuff because it is so worth it.

Possessed by Paul James – No Windows
Possessed by Paul James – Come to the Water


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