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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Jian Ghomeshi is amazing. His podcast has become a mainstay of my morning routine and is generally consumed with my coffee and breakfast. His interviewing prowess is relaxed and intelligent. His shows are continually interesting, often fascinating, and his passion for each topic is significant.

Now, I am writing about Ghomeshi here because of his incredible knack at explaining and understanding music. I have been listening to all his music related interviews as of late and it’s clear that that is what draws me to the man. He asks the questions I would love to ask musicians. He understands the songwriting experience which ensures great conversations. Justin Townes Earle, Tom Waits, and the still hilariously uncomfortable Billy Bob Thornton interview all standout as big examples but there is so much more.

I highly recommend going over and downloading any number of the podcasts that are available. Very fascinating and a very genuine experience.


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