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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Archie Bronson Outfit’s have released another gem of an album. Right from the first thirty seconds, the song Magnetic Warrior grabs you giving the sense that the album is going to be chalked full of groove and gut-wrenching rhythm. There is a sense of anger but that is quickly subdued with each new track.

I am sure some would like to pinhole the Archie Bronson Outfit as straight ahead rock band but I have to take a different point of view. I say the songs are full of melodies that are heartfelt and sentimental. They do have their edge but hidden in there is a deeper meaning. Hidden in there are disco elements that want to make you dance! This is what draws me to the band. I question what they are about with every listen.

Not many bands show this much provocation and originality in new material but I was completely blown away by how much the band had grown from its previous efforts. Wonderful and well worth the purchase.

Thumbs up for the latest album, which is available from Domino Records here.


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