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A Mass of Nothing

Now, I don’t know a lot about Boe Weaver but I honestly don’t think there is a lot to know. Not knowing who plays what, the year they were born, or where they recorded this album really does not hinder how great it is. If you were looking for a great, spooky, instrumental album to pick-up, go buy this right now.

Instrumental albums are always fun. They always conjure up some great images and Boe Weaver’s s/t debut is no different. In fact, I would put it a cut above the rest due to it’s playful tracks. One can’t help but think about being chased by werewolves or running from Dracula. Seriously, this would make a great soundtrack to the next 1970’s horror film you watch. However, the next Austin Powers chase scene would definitely benefit from the brilliant tunes on this album as well.

If this band was not born and raised on a commune, I would be very surprised. The sound would not be out of place at Woodstock and there is something magical about that. I can’t help but think how hard it must be to keep that sound original and yet, these guys have pulled it off here without irony or blasphemy. Excellent!

Boe Weaver – Ghouls


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