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A Mass of Nothing

There are people that just get it. As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of fan appreciation. I love bands that embrace the ever-changing musical environment when it comes to getting your music heard. With this in mind, I have to highly recommend Magic Man’s debut album Real Life Color. Why would you not risk it, it is free?

You know those albums that every song suits the next. Real Life Color (Colour for us Canadians) is one of those albums. I honestly love every song on the album and I can’t pick a stand out. I feel as if it would be great to listen to whether you were cleaning a house or putting out a fire.

It is so great to hear electronic music without the constant fear that the “pitch shift voice” is going to hit at any minute. It’s so great to hear this genre of music done with an awareness of professionalism and musical ability. Magic Man’s debut is, plain and simple, excellent songwriting that is great to listen to.

Now, without pumping these guys up too much, I think this is in the realm of The Postal Service for it’s crafted songs and astonishing melody. It’s up there with my favourite albums of 2010 (so far) and I say that without the slightest of hesitation. I really think Magic Man will be grateful for their little “free” experiment because they will be a force to reckon with for a long time to come. Great work guys, great work!

Here is my choice for best single from the album:

Magic Man – Like Sailors


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