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A Mass of Nothing

Want to know what a girl from Greenland sounds like doing dixieland jazz? Search no further than the, incredibly talented, Nive Nielsen

With a uniqueness and talent that is rare, Nive Nielsen has a polished brand of soft, occasionally witty, folk/jazz/rock songs that both soothe and exude originality. Imagine Bjork and Cat Power in a cage match with a ukelele and a harpsichord. I love what she is doing and I can’t wait for the album Nive Sings – As Played by Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children.

With so many undeniably great songs coming out of Nive Nielsen, it is no surprise that she draws an incredible amount of talent that are lining up to work with her. What makes me so excited about her upcoming full-length album is the talent she has on her side, which includes: John Parish (PJ Harvey), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Ralph Carney, Patrick Carney (Black Keys), Eric Craven, Lisa Gamble (Hrsta, Evangelista), Alden Penner (Clues, Unicorns), Matt Bauer (Alela Diane) and Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade). With that amount of talent helping her express her own, I can’t imagine there being many faults with the upcoming release.

Nive Nielsen has her e.p. digitally available, in it’s entirety, on myspace and expect her full length album later this year.

Have a listen:

Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children “Good For You (I Would Be)


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