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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Today was a day of discovery. I have always wanted to have a “theme” day on this blog and, yesterday, I started that theme… Myspace Monday. The aim is to write about bands that do not seem to have a lot of exposure but show a lot of promise. It seemed obvious to me as I have been looking for new music this way for years. Therefore, I really hope it comes naturally.

With this new theme, The District Attorneys were my first entry but the real research started today and lasted all of twenty minutes. It lasted such short time because I found something extraordinary.

Remember Timbuk3? Of course you do! “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…” Well, Pat MacDonald needs no introduction by me but I think everyone should check out his album: Purgatory Hill. I was absolutely floored by this amazing project he has completed along with tambourine/ maracas/keyboard/backing vocals by melaniejane.

He plays a Lowebow (whom will be getting his own “myspace monday”) cigar-box guitar and basically straight ahead, very sludgy, blues. However, he does so amazingly, with precision, and charisma. I instantly bought the record on iTunes and I could not recommend it’s purchase enough. Go and get two free songs at the website by signing up for updates etc. as well.



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