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A Mass of Nothing

Who doesn’t like generosity? The team at Abandoned Love Records have shown a lot of generosity over the last while. One band that is often associated with this generosity is Virgin of the Birds and, once again, the material is great and well worth a listen.

With my first full listen to the Banquet Years e.p., it’s clear that Virgin of the Birds have again perfectly executed simplistic songs with a sophistication that would stump most bands that may attempt to follow in Jon Rooney’s songwriting footsteps. However, the songwriting has grown and expresses a confidence that may have been missed on previous efforts. The music feels more comfortable and polished.

What really stands out to me this time around are the lyrics. I am really impressed with the various references to literature, mythical creatures, and expressions of pure angst. I often ignore lyrics and clump them as just another instrument in the mix but I was mysteriously drawn to what was being said in these songs. I honestly think lyrically, and musically, this is the bands best effort to date.

I am also about two hours south of Trieste, Italy as I write this so you can imagine my surprise when I heard the town’s name in the, rather pissed-off, lyrics that make up the song She’s in the Moon Again. Is it some strange act of synchronicity that the song is an early contender for best track on the e.p.? Well, that and Every Revelry are the two contenders so far. In any case, you can download, for free, the Banquet Years e.p. and we at Paper Pistol think you should take advantage of the opportunity. Very much worth the listen and who can beat it’s bargain-bin price tag.

Virgin of the Birds – Let Me Be Your Bride

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