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A Mass of Nothing

It’s funny writing about bands, solo artists, or any musician because you never know where, or what, you will be writing about next. Take The District Attorneys for example. I would never had heard of them if they did not follow Paper Pistol on twitter but I think they are well worth what little exposure I can give them.

I did not receive an email from them. I don’t have press package to check-out full of photos and information. Nope, I just have a Myspace page with songs from their upcoming e.p. Orders From… I only know that the e.p. is forthcoming, and free, because one of the band members told me in 140 characters or less framed around: “Why don’t you check us out!” Well, I did and there is certainly a lot of potential.

Sure, there is obvious sound quality issues. There are a few timing mishaps and I think the songwriting could use a little tightening up but the vocals, composition, and undeniable energy is definitely there. I love how I get to hear this early stage of what could be a very great thing. I mean listen to the energy behind what sounds to be a live-studio recording of Splitsville and you will hear just how fantastic this band would be live.

I highly recommend having a listen to the band here and I would love to know what you think… in 140 characters or less!

The District Attorneys – Splitsville


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