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A Mass of Nothing

I love Frightened Rabbit. This love started early and has remained with me with every new article I read, session I hear, and cheeky tweet I am alerted of from the band. Therefore, it is with no surprise at all that I would write a review of praise for the latest effort from the Scottish outfit: The Winter of Mixed Drinks.

You see, Frightened Rabbit are one of those bands that release instant anthems on their albums. They are one of those bands that just understand songwriting and when to push and pull tones based on the melody. Every album has at least one track that ensures one gets shivers smoothly attacking their spine. What’s with Scotland and the country’s ability to spit out talent.

There are some outstanding tunes on this album. Foot Shooter, Nothing Like You (I like the band’s video better!), Not Miserable, and Living in Colour are, with first listen, my favourites. However, I know I will soon love every song as they all seem to have that untouchable Frightened Rabbit quality that is, well, untouchable.

Frightened Rabbit – Not Miserable

photo by Gordon Burniston


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