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A Mass of Nothing

Although I would love to be in a smoky-bar somewhere watching the The Kissaway Trail perform, I can’t help but think how amazing the songs from Sleep Mountain would sound driving a quiet stretch of highway in the middle of the night… alone. With every track on the album, one of the best produced I have heard in ages, the band tackles something different and, with that, they float between genres. I love their boldness in ignoring musical rules, which I am sure was pushed by producer Peter Katis, in adding new and interesting elements to each song.

In an album chalked-full of great things, the stand-outs on Sleep Mountain are “New Lipstick” and “Three Million Hours.” These songs just capture the essence of the album and the talent The Kissaway Trail have as songwriters.

As I am sure The Kissaway Trail have heard, there are comparables out there. I want to call a great hybrid mix between Arcade Fire and The Shout Out Louds, but the sound is definitely new and original. Way up on my radar right now and a great joy to listen to. Now, I just need some alone time and a stretch of road.

The Kissaway Trail – SDP

Photo Credit: Jacob Keinicke


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