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A Mass of Nothing

Every once and a while there comes a musician/songwriter that just blows me away. Joe Pug is one of those artists. He blows me away with every recorded release, some of which are free (hint hint diggers), that he puts out. He is truly an incredible songwriter and lyricist.

I remember hearing him at the Vancouver Folk Festival last year. We were riding our bikes along Jericho Beach aiming to catch the end of his early set along the fences that surrounded the stage. It felt a bit like cheating not paying the price of admission but it was so worth it hearing those songs live. That voice just seems to grab you and he has an incredible knack to reflect his talent onto an audience.

I thought he could not surpass Hymn #101 but listening to Messenger I think there are definitely contenders that challenge the best tunes from his repertoire. Here are couple of tracks off the recently released Messenger and I highly recommend it’s purchase, it is just good… again!

Joe Pug – Not So Sure (live on MOKB radio) – Go get the recorded version… buy the album.
Joe Pug – The Door Is Always Open (from Messenger)

Photo by Todd Roeth


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