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A Mass of Nothing

Ever since hearing, and seeing, Scott H. Biram for the first time I have been in constant pursuit of a band that might possibly meet his energy level. Not by the music played but how it’s played live. I say “band” here because I honestly think that not many single performers could surpass Biram’s performance and charisma on stage.

Enter two young guys from Belgium who could possibly threaten to measure up. I am currently listening to Silver Threats by The Black Box Revelation for the third time in a row and I can only think of one thing.

I have to see these guys live!

The recorded music I am hearing right now is full of energy and these guys are rapidly climbing my “must see in 2010” list. These two definitely have figured out what Rock and Roll is and let’s hope that they can pull this fantastic, energy-filled, album off live. Hoping to see you somewhere in Europe!


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