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A Mass of Nothing

Well, as some of you may or may not know, my wife and I are on an extended honeymoon in Europe and it has definitely cut into our available Wi-Fi time and, hence, contributed to a lack of posts here. I can’t express to everyone enough how much I miss finding, and receiving, new music and we feel we have let what little readership we have down by not providing new material here. However, we have a hotel with free Wi-Fi for a couple of days, a luxury in these parts, and I will be writing to you from the most wonderful city of Saumur, France.

I have actually got to check out some various bands here and Surfer Blood is really standing out to me. I have spoken of these chaps before but there album is definitely worth mentioning twice. I also can’t help to think how amazing the live show would be. The music is just full of energy and life and, quite simply, complete joy.

… I also hate how old I feel looking at that photo!

Surfer Blood – Take it Easy


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