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A Mass of Nothing

For those of us lucky enough to have caught last night’s Langhorne Slim show at the Media Club in Vancouver, I really do think we should consider ourselves blessed. That was one of the best show’s I have been to in ages and might just be the best act to come through this city in a long time. Not since Scott H. Biram’s performance, at the same venue, have I been so floored by musical pressence. I have nothing but praise for Slim and his band’s live performance.

Please, if you get the opportunity to see the band on the road, get out there and see them. The current line-up is amazing. They were well worth putting up with the drunken child in the front of the room that felt screaming over every lyric was for the concert goers’ benefit.

Cheers to the incredible acoustic number Slim played on the front of the stage sans electricity. There is no better feeling than getting tingles from someone so amazingly talented.

(photo via Myspace)


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