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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Well, this isn’t really all that random as it covers a lot of the songs/bands that I have been listening to as of late.

Black Boot – Radio Moscow
– I am a sucker for the slide guitar and clapping… what can I say!?
Sync’n – White Denim
– There is something so special about this vocal track. I has always loved the sound of open-roomed vocal takes.
It´s No Over – Tutankamon
– The Shout Out Louds have always reminded me of the beginning of the best relationship of my life. Nice to hear his voice in something new, it’s been a while.
Miner’s Blues – Chris Smither
– Just amazing music and you should really go buy his new album Time Stands Still. He is just so current and amazing.
All I Need (Radiohead cover) – Banjo Or Freakout
– Never saw this take coming from such a beautiful song.
Gimme Shelter (alternate) – The Rolling Stones
– Go Keith, sing your heart out! Man, this is the version that should have been on Let it Bleed.
Low Life Kingdom – Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar
– Hey, Jack Kerouac (10, 000 Maniacs)
Sharp Briar (feat. Matt Pond) – The American Analog Set
– How great is this? A.A.S release Rarities and B-sides and this song takes the cake. I really wish Andrew Kenny is just so amazing. Go see The Wooden Birds!
The Ghost Of Virginia (LIVE) – Justin Townes Earle
– Can’t get enough of this guy.
First-Rate Pretender – Yeti Lane
– New to me and I really like this song.
Osaka In The Rain – Matt The Electrician
– Nice little song from another “new to me” artist.
Fast Jabroni – Surfer Blood
– This song reminds me of driving long roads in the nineties. Great song.
Signs – Sam Baker
– What a voice.



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