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A Mass of Nothing

I really do miss the days of 45 min. a side mix tapes. I remember spending hours making them and handing them out to the first person that showed the slightest interest. Most of the time it was ejecting the tape out of the car cassette player and handing it over. I wonder if those people I handed the tapes to realized the hours of effort that took? I wonder if those people knew how difficult it was to find the perfect 2:37 min. song to finish the 45 min. (actually more like 46.5 min.) side?

In lieu of my nostalgia, I am going to attempt to make mix tapes that are 45 min. in length, representing a single side of a 90 min. tape, every couple of days and share it with you, the paper pistol readers. (there aren’t many of you by the way) Without further ado, here is my first effort. This effort comes to you completely random and without theme; however, I may include themes in the future. In fact, I would love theme suggestions from any of you that read this.

Favorite Song – Kaiser Cartel – 2:29
Blackberry Song – Kurt Vile – 3:26
Sam – The Smiles and Frowns – 2:19
Means to an End – JoeF – 4:14
Wind Phoenix – Cymbals Eat Guitars – 5:16
Crackalacka – Left Lane Cruiser – 3:57
Walden and the Willow Tree – The Dimes – 2:55
Friends – Band Of Skulls – 3:10
Camillo (The Magician) – Said The Whale – 2:53
Wax and Wire – Loch Lomond – 4:59
What Fun. – Alec Ounsworth – 3:16
Tow Truck – Karate – 4:01
Dot – Egil Olsen – 2:10

take it for a spin!


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