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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Sorry for the lack of posts. There is no excuse other than a busy life planning a wedding, finding a place to live, and a advancing our lives with a major move to Europe in the near future. However, I would love to share some Country with y’all now.

In life, I go through phases when I just love genres of music. Although I hate giving any title/pigeonhole to any one type of music, I still think that corning country-twang-sounding music into the “alt-country” label is generally OK. I have been obsessed with Deer Tick as of late which has allowed me to delve a little deeper into the genre. Here are some gems that have caught my attention, hope you like them.

The Roadside Graves – Jesus Is A Friend Of The Family

The Devil Makes Three – For Good Again

Justin Townes Earle – The Ghost Of Virginia


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