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A Mass of Nothing

I get the pleasure of seeing Deer Tick tonight at The Media Club and I am rather excited about it. The prospect of seeing just how that boy sings is a thrill. However, I am also delighted to be seeing Dawes. I have been listening to their Myspace page for the last hour and they are extraordinary.

Here… dig this!

Dawes – When My Time Comes


Review of the show:

Dawes was quite the experience as I felt like I was stuck in a school-gym locker with my underwear waistband around my head. With the amount of kids singing along to every song, one would think that Dawes had truly hit the big-time with the next summertime anthem. It was a very strange experience. Are they really famous? Are the a Christian rock band?

Deer Tick were amazing. I think more bands should take themselves less seriously and follow suit. Absolutely loved them and I have to say that their version of Dirty Dishes (a capella) floored me. I wish I had some photos to share but unfortunately, I don’t.


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