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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

I often find it really interesting to go into realms of music that I have never explored before. In this case, I decided to take a trip down memory Straße to the 1980’s and German (Language not Country) New Wave.

Now, I have had Grauzone (awesome) in my collection for some time and it they have always intrigued me. Were there bands singing in German that were as good at the time? Well, after a little digging I came up with a couple.

I don’t know if this is a “who’s who” of German New Wave but, if anyone out there can put me onto some more, I would really appreciate it.

Siglo XX – Factory
Der Plan – Alle Sieben Jahre
Palais Schaumburg – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen (Very Cool Song!)
Pyrolator – Gespraech Mit Der Erde


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