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A Mass of Nothing

I know if my partner in blog-land knew I was writing yet another entry about this man, she would most definitely role her eyes. However, my obsession with Thomas Hansen’s (aka: St. Thomas) crafty song writing abilities has continued to amaze me long after his premature death over a year ago.

It comes in waves. I will listen to my music library on random and one of Thomas’ gems will wiggle its way into the mix. At this point, I find myself listening to his entire catalogue and it feels fresh and new again. I never seem to get sick of his music. To the point of including Cornerman on every driving-mix I have made for the last couple of years.

I wonder what would have become of his next album. I wish he could be here still to produce those amazing songs that seem to emulate something new with each listen. Here are a couple of my latest favourites by St. Thomas.

A Village In Tuscany – St. Thomas
I Picked Up The Phone – St. Thomas
Money Doesn’t Matter – St. Thomas
Dance to Disco – St. Thomas
Medication – St. Thomas

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