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A Mass of Nothing

I used to have a wonderfully diverse music collection ranging from obscure indie bands to jazz standards. About a month ago BOTH my computers crashed and I lost the majority of my beloved music collection. During this time I went into a bit of a musical depression and found solace in streaming musical love of CBC radio 3.

Prior to “the crash” my knowledge of Canadian music was much more mainstream, with bands like Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene & Meligrove Band filling my CanCon requirements.

In this weekly feature post, I will introduce you to some of my favourite Canadian bands. I hope you enjoy them too…

Old Man Luedecke can put a smile on my face within the first few twangy notes of his banjo. Fun fact: Luedecke bought his very first banjo here in Vancouver!

Listen here.

I can’t seem to get enought of Rah Rah. Their music is powerful, compelling & from what I understand, they put on a terrific show. They’re going to be at the Railway Club in Vancouver (and are currently touring around Canada). I would strongly suggest you check them out!
Listen here.


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