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A Mass of Nothing

M & I were fortunate to be among the 40-odd people who took in the Wooden Birds/Other Lives show at the Media Club last Tuesday night.

Both avid fans of American Analogue Set, M & I were excited for this intimate opportunity to see the Wooden Birds, fronted by (of course) Andrew Kenny.

Kenny has got to be one of the most humble musicians I’ve ever seen live. He was gracious, funny and didn’t seem to notice the poor turnout thanks to the non-existent promotions by Sealed With A Kiss.

Their performance stayed true to Kenny’s signature vocals, lyrics and mellow sound, satisfying the AmAnSet fans in all of us.

Opening for The Wooden Birds were Other Lives – who blew me away. Their set was haunting & powerful; woven with beautiful lyrics & stunning vocals.

Listen to Wooden Birds here.
Listen to Other Lives here & check out their [AMAZING] HearYA Live Session here.

[Photos: SR]


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