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A Mass of Nothing

I have honestly felt as if I have been haunted lately. There have been at least three 4 a.m. wake-ups this week, frustration and of course the spotting of peripheral shadows in my clouded vision. So, here are seven songs that include the word ghost in their title.

Wintersleep -Weighty Ghost

I heard this for the first time the other day. I was later informed that it is quite a popular song and I am out of the loop. Shit! I need to be more indie.

R.E.M. -Ghostrider

Fun little cover song.

Computer VS. Banjo – Give Up on Ghosts

If you don’t like – what you see here – then get the funk out

Junip – Ghost of Tom Joad

I have always been obsessed with this song by The Boss. In fact, it has lead me to include more than seven songs in this post because there are so many great versions of this song out there. It feels as though it will reach All Along the Watchtower status in the world of covers. A simple google search offers out about 8 billion versions of the tune and here are some twists: Bruce OriginalRagePete with the Boss

Tegan & Sarah -Walking With a Ghost (The Rentals Remix)

I just always like the song. The White Stripes do a great cover but I have also liked this remix by The Rentals as well. That’s it, just like the tune.

Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost

I like the way this man sings.

Man Man – Banana Ghost

stupid and weird.


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