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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Firstly, how about a great little ad.


Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone with You

If you asked my wife which song I have most often played since around this time last year, it would be this. There is something so specific and amazing Mr. Stevens captures in it and I just wished I had written it myself.

The Notwist – Gloomy Planets

I have a friend in Warsaw that often reminds me of the cold, miserable and lonely attributes that the city offers her. I can’t help but feel sorry for her but all the while I long for European scenery and beauty and, in-turn, feel quite jealous. She showed me a band called The Notwist quite some time ago and every time I hear a note from the band, it reminds me of her… and her lonely Poland.

The Tallest Man on Earth – Honey Won’t you Let Me In

Quite possibly my new favourite acoustic guitar player/songwriter. There is something about those damn Swedes and their ability to impress me with their song writing abilities. If you like his solo work, you should check it his band Montezumas.

Califone – The Orchids

… hence the nostalgia reference in the title of the blog, this song is one that reminds me of the past summer.  I really love this song.  It is as simple as that. Just a well written great piece of art.

St. Thomas – A Long Long Time

I often don’t really take notice when famous people leave us and I don’t think St. Thomas considered himself as such.  However, when I heard that St. Thomas (Thomas Hansen) had passed away I was distraught for weeks and it really hit me hard. I instantly thought about Cornerman and how, in my eyes, it is quite possibly the best song ever written. He had an amazing ability to restrict his writing to the utmost simplicity but keep it so impressive and edgy. I will forever be upset that we won’t have another St. Thomas album and I will always miss my myspace penpal.

Dan Aurbach – The Prowl

The Black Keys = Solo = Awesome

Monsieur Minimal – B.M.F.

This just was a song that I heard for the first time today and I have never heard of the band. But, I liked it and I thought I should include it here. Hope you enjoy it the same as I did.

This compilation is going to be great as well.


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