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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Well, for round 2 I have to start with anger. Not for the reason that I am angry but for the reason that I love the song.

Jesus for the Jugular – The Veils

This song reminds me of being stuck on a flight to Australia, because it is long, while quitting smoking. The plane doesn’t serve any booze and you are sitting in the middle of a screaming baby and her annoying talkative mother. Now that is anger and I definitely here it in the tune.

Shampoo – Elvis Perkins

This is simply a well written song that is sung with snappy vocals. He is quite a special talent.

Incense Cone – Perhapst

I don’t know, just like it. It is such a simple song with that 12 bar blues feel. Chuck Berry would shake his head I am sure.

25 Mexicans – Phil Lee

This song reminds me of a past employer that used to higher nothing but Mexicans to make up their kitchen staff. I once followed, no word of a lie, 14 Mexicans into a one bedroom apt. for an after party.  They all lived there.

The Dream Song – Barzin

For those with broken hearts. Wow, you can really hear it in his voice. There is definitely a Sparklehorse feel to the song as well.

The Rabbit, The Bat and the Reindeer – Dr. Dog

Just a great title for a song.

Some are Lakes – Land of Talk

Whisper … Whisper


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