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A Mass of Nothing

I have taken it upon myself to start putting up lists of songs that I am currently listening to. I am not sure anyone will care that I do this, other than you my dear, but being fascinated by searching for that perfect song leads me to some incredible finds and I thought some people out there may enjoy some of the hidden gems.

I have decided to keep this to a bare minimum of 7 songs every two (or so) days as I have trouble keeping up with simple tasks such as this. The reason I have chosen seven songs is due the fact that there is something so romantic about 30 – 35 minutes of music.  It reminds me of those old vinyl record listening parties. Also, it reminds me of the days of laboured mix tapes matching both perfect timing and that subtlety matching songs to elegantly flirt with each other.

I have also always wanted to explain why I like certain songs, as well as dislike others, and this just seems like the perfect medium to do so.

And so, off we go!

1. Rollins Band – Earache in my Eye

Reminds me of a trip my family took to Sun Valley when both my brother and I were going through a “comedy tape” phase. I listened to Cheech and Chong for hours on that trip and I am sure my parents were concerned for both their sons.

2. Calla – Customized

I once saw a band at the Boot Pub in Whistler (R.I.P.) named King Cobb Steelie and this song really reminded me of that show. I don’t know if KCS are still around but I am sure google would help you discover them. However, I really like the song and it seems to bring me back to that Canadiana Gandharvas feel.

3. Jimi Hendrix – Born Under a Bad Sign

Heard this in some distant fashion a little while back and it is just amazing. Every once in a while I realize just how incredible Jimi Hendrix really was.

4. Handsome Furs – Talking Hotel Arbat Blues

The voice I tell you, the voice.

5. Bon Iver – Blood Bank

I hope this album is as good as their, or is it his, last!

6. Mountains in the Sky – Mooclab

Groovy, Groovy, Groovy!

7. Timber Timbre – Lay Down in the Tall Grass

This just blew me out of the water earlier this week and has to go down as the best release that 2009 has given us. Do yourself a favour and buy the album. There is just brilliant spookiness to this song and I feel like I should slowly be walking down a foggy New Orleans street with rain spattering my face.

… with a cane and a top-hat.


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