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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Benji Hughes – You Stood Me Up

There is something so elementary about this song and it feels like an afternoon after high-school. I remember that I used to put my sour-keys into a slurrpy in order to eat them frozen. That was so good.  And, has absolutely nothing to do with the song.  I will shut up now!

Big Country – In a Big Country

Old : Great : Revisited : Love!

Oh Captain My Captain – Big Vans and Aeroplanes

This has gone into constant rotation during runs.

Forest Fire – Fortune Teller

The song never really does go anywhere but it seems to suit it just fine. I like the driving standard drumming and the sourness of the lead vocalist.

Little Joy – No One’s Better Sake

Can’t you see yourself in a smoky green room, overheating, and dancing with a bunch of Jamaicans? Has such a great Dance Hall vibe to it but I am sure they are a bunch of white kids from New York or something. I really enjoy it though.

Samamidon – Saro

There is something so touching about the horn section in the song. There is always room for a nice melody and I am a sucker for it every time.


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