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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

Does anyone want to rent out a place for Feb. 2010?

I find this stuff fascinating but I think that I have already found extraterrestrial life forms on Earth. You have all met them. You know, the people that stand sipping and tasting their tea/coffee for an hour at the sugar/cream bar at the local coffee shop. I am still flabbergasted as to how people, including myself, put up with these hot beverage tasters.

After cleaning up little green needles for the past year, I could definitely move up to something a little more modern for decorating this year.

I have often thought that B&W photos can evoke with expression, better characteristics and qualities. Here is a collection of 40 more that are quite spectacular.

Did you ever think that Bruce Lee would come back from the dead to master ping-pong?

The bathroom in my office constantly smells like a campfire. I love the meager attempts to hide and/or mask the smell of their own excrement. What says that you went number two more than the wafting of burnt sulfur slowly creeping towards my desk. Mind you, I do love the courtesy.

I might be getting one of these in your stocking this year. What better than an obscure and weird head thingy?


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