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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

How about doing this with the countless plastic bags that have piled up somewhere in your house. I have often wondered how to rid myself of the countless plastic bags that sit under my sink. I have taken to using the much stronger nylon reusable bags as much as possible but the plastic bag collection still haunts the underbelly of my kitchen sink. I really enjoyed creative uses that this article provided.

I have been very impressed with some of the imagery that you can capture with the iPhone and if you don’t have the CameraBag application, I highly recommend it. However, I found this today and I think it will definitely have it’s advantages as well.

Wired Magazine recently posted the top 10 most amazing animal videos, according to them, and they are absolutely amazing. Definitely check their number one. Wow!

Having grown up around mountains and ski hills, I really wish I could have had one of these for my 14th Christmas. These look amazing.


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