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On ideas

A Mass of Nothing

This morning I woke up to Jackson Browne and a lawsuit he has filed against the Republican Party for unauthorized use of his iconic Running on Empty. Go get ’em Jackson!

Speaking of hired-wired guns.

Paul McCartney is streaming his entire new album by his side-project , The Fireman, on myspace. I have to admit, I thought all relevance had left his song writing years ago. Apparently, all it takes is a nasty divorce to a limbless, greedy and nasty bitch to write some good stuff again. “… Wanna betray me!” Reminds me a lot of the Latin Playboys.

The internet is magic; magic I tell you! This video was floating around yesterday but it really does deserve it’s due course in lunacy. Cleavage really does an excellent job of selling interactive design.

I shutter to think at how much past presidents, and any White House staff for that matter, do not want this film to be made. The man must have seen a lot in his day.

More douche bag etiquette from some asshole with nothing better to do than belittle.

RMB 3 Million Foreign Douchebag – Foreign Douchebag


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